In the isolated outback town of Millengarra, a young man is found bashed to death.

When his house-mate – an out-of-work drover – is charged with murder, the investigation goes to hardened Brisbane detective Dave Hocking, a career cop facing corruption charges that threaten his job, his liberty, and his very identity.

In Millen, he finds a damaged community, held together by a fragile web of deceit. Struggling for redemption, the veteran detective uncovers a town’s shame, and his own, as lies are exposed, and dark secrets unearthed.

The third book in the Eddie Moran Series, following Gone, and Crook as Rookwood.


“… a complex and nuanced mystery…”
–  AMAZON READER’S FAVOURITE                    

“…will keep crime-fiction fans spell-bound from first page to last”

Crook As Rookwood

Crook As Rookwood

Slick just wants her old mate, celebrity lawyer Eddie Moran, to get some compensation for the death of her ex-husband. The police say it was a car accident, and that’s enough to score a pay-out. But sometimes Eddie just doesn’t have the sense to leave well enough alone.

Politics, property deals, lies, corruption and murder…All through the inquest Eddie gets a sense that things are crook. There’s a strong whiff of deals being done higher up and well offstage.

From Sydney’s sleazy backstreets to the new money glamour of the Gold Coast, this is the world where politics and business meet, with deadly consequences.

The second book in the Eddie Moran Series, following Gone.

Winner of the 2006 Ned Kelly Award for Best Crime Fiction

“Full of pithy dialogue, nefarious characters and highly believable conspiracies”



On a hazy summer’s morning in 1965, nine-year-old Michael McCabe and his four-year-old sister, Catherine, kiss their mother goodbye and set off to the beach.

They never return.

As a junior police constable, Bill Keliher was there when the McCabe kids went missing. Now, thirty years later, the respected senior police inspector is still enslaved by the mystery. For others, it’s a riddle that will never be solved. But Bill Keliher knows better. He knows that no secret can be buried so deep that sweat, toil and tears won’t eventually bring it to the surface. And he’s going to be there when it happens. He has to be. It’s his secret too.

The first book in the Eddie Moran Series.

Short-listed for the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards

“ …fans of Grisham et al may well turn their allegiances to this first-class home-grown product. I dare you to put it down after the first chapter.”

“A fine Australian crime novel that mixes dry wit with moments of real poignancy and sadness.”

Cop This!

Cop This!

In 1969 a home-made bomb explodes in the sleazy heart of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, killing eleven people, and igniting a controversy that could threaten the government itself. When a small-time criminal Johnny Arnold is charged, his fight for justice sets two men – father, then son – on a collision course with the states most powerful men.

Set against the backdrop of Queensland’s seedy underworld of criminals and cops, Cop This! is a powerful tale of corruption, idealism and personal courage, spanning two decades of dark political intrigue and sensational courtroom drama.

“A fast-moving, constantly intriguing tale of courtrooms, cops and robbers …earthy and hard-hitting, always thoroughly readable and entertaining. If this book is a promise of things to follow, Chris Nyst is sure to become Australia’s John Grisham.”